Why Should We Buy Quality Australian Honey?



We're so proud to showcase Honey For Life's Karri and Red Gum honeys, sourced locally from Western Australia. We love supporting Australian makers, growers and producers, and their beautiful honey is both complex in flavour and high in quality. 

Honey For Life also emphasise sustainable production, and have planted approximately 1,010,000 trees within cleared areas to form a future bee-friendly forest, with the majority of these trees being native and endemic to Western Australia. 


Why choose Australian honey?

You may have read about adulterated honey being sold in Australia- many commercial honeys are made with additives such as sugar and corn syrup. That’s why it’s so important to support local producers and prioritise buying good quality. ⁣

Given the global pandemic, now more than ever it's so important to shop local and support Australian. Every time you buy Australian, you make a difference to production, jobs and future viability for businesses doing it toughest.


What does the 'TA'⁣ rating mean?

TA (Total Activity) rating measures honey’s anti-microbial quality, and all Honey For Life honeys have a TA of at least 30+. TA is like a bacteria killing scale; the higher the TA the greater the antimicrobial strength. Any honey with a TA of greater than 10+ may have beneficial antimicrobial properties, and these properties are more effective as the TA level increases. 

Total Activity is the combination of Peroxide Activity (PA) and Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA). In Jarrah honey, nearly all of the Activity is PA, and results from a reaction between an enzyme placed in the honey by the bees called Glucose Oxidase and glucose. This reaction, which starts when the honey is diluted, results in the gradual production of a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen Peroxide is a powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal agent when operating in conjunction with honey’s other antiseptic properties, but is gentle on human tissue and our digestive system.


What are the different types?

Organic Karri Honey

This exquisite amber honey is collected from the flowers of ancient giant Karri tree forests near the country town of Walpole, Western Australia.
These trees only flower every 5 years or so and are some of the tallest in the world, in some areas reaching an incredible 90m in height. It has a strong TA rating of 30+.
This unique super active honey is carefully collected from the iridescent flowers of the ancient Red Gum forests just outside the country town of Dandaragan, Western Australia. It has a super strong TA rating of 40+! 



What are some ways I can use it?

Good quality honey is so versatile! Here are just some of the amazing ways you can enjoy good quality Australian honey:

  • Drizzle on your morning oats or pancakes in the morning
  • Use a teaspoon to sweeten your tea
  • Enjoy on its own, to help soothe a sore throat
  • Mix into your smoothie or yoghurt
  • Spread on toast or rice cakes for a sweet, delicious snack
  • Soothe and heal minor cuts and abrasions by applying topically
  • Bake with it- like the delicious recipe we've shared below!




All three of us come from Greek heritage, so we always feel drawn to traditional recipes that remind us of family. One fantastic way to use honey in a decadent way is Baklava, which is easy for even novice bakers- and a great way to get family involved in cooking.

We love this amazing recipe by Michelle from Brown Eyed Baker, which you can find here.

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